Start here to get up and running with the Seekr API.


The Seekr RESTful API provides access to cutting-edge AI technologies that allow users to better understand web content and generate original, trusted, and focused media. Our advanced AI and large language models solve a wide range of needs from content rating, content safety and suitability, civility rating, and deep intelligence into news content, websites, podcasts, authors and more.

Seekr offers powerful generative capabilities for crafting content that is tailored to specific industries and grounded in reliability based on the Seekr Score.

Endpoints are organized around specific types of entities (news article, website, author, podcast, podcast episodes).

API Domain

All requests to the Seekr API are made over HTTPS for security and privacy to the base url:


All API requests require your Seekr API key to be passed in the Authorization header:

Authorization: Bearer <api key>

Seekr will provide your API key.

Response Format

All API responses are returned in standard JSON format, described by each individual method in the API Reference.


All method URLs include a version parameter baked into the path.

In the event that a breaking change will occur in the request or response, we won't pull the rug out from under you and break your code! The change will first be made in a new version of the API method, leaving the current version in place and usable. We will notify all API users of the change and give ample time to update your systems and migrate to the new version before the old one is deprecated.